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The Full Story


SANVEGGIES is India’s first online vegetable & fruits store, launched in the year 2009. It is the perfect environment for purchase of fruits, vegetables. Our procurement begins at farms and we adhere to stringent policies that enable us to maintain the freshness on all our products. 


Our Promise


We are an independent online store, a one stop shop. Our products are carefully selected from the farms with no compromise on quality to ensure customer satisfaction. 


We will be transparent enough to all our customers’ on handling queries or dealing with any of their concerns.

Our prime objective is customer satisfaction. We would like our customers to share their success journey of to us and the details of this will emerge to the general public as we progress in our journey of

Why Us


How many times have you purchased fruits and vegetables and got home to find out whether they’ve perished before you have time to eat them, or the produce looked great at the shop, however is a spoiled produce.

Our products are of premium quality and spend NO time sitting on the shelf or on storage; it’s freshly delivered at your door step.


How many times have you just popped into a supermarket to purchase a few items but ended up buying many items and shocked by the total bill amount. 

This happens for TWO reasons: 

     1. Most of the stores count on impulsive spenders, and actually arrange their products accordingly. 

     2. Enticing displays for new products, pairing two products such as chips and soft drink on the same aisle and various other tactics lure spenders to buy more than they come for. 


SANVEGGIES helps you develop a spending plan with pre-determined spending limits so that you are guaranteed to get the best value for your rupee without being tricked into making purchases you otherwise wouldn’t.

All our products are purchased directly from the primary producer or supplier. We do not have expensive retail costs, warehousing costs and or multi million advertising expenses

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