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Nattu Sakkarai / Cane Jaggery Powder / Country Sugar / Cane Sugar - 500g

SKU: CSV0001162

Jaggery is a traditional sweetener made by evaporating raw sugarcane juice without separating the molasses from the crystals. It is known as "panela" in South America & Mexico, "Naattu Sarkarai" in India, and is softer than refined sugar, varying in color from yellow to dark brown.

Important benefits of Jaggery include its ability to cleanse your body, act as a digestive agent, sweeten your food in a healthy manner, and provide good amounts of minerals.

It is much more complex than refined sugar, and therefore does not increase the sugar level in the blood very quickly. It provides energy slowly, over a longer period. Although diabetics should avoid Jaggery, it is definitely better than using sugar.

For centuries in the Indian Subcontinent, sugar cane Jaggery has been used as a lung, throat, and respiratory tract cleanser as well as an additive to the local remedies for coughs and colds.

So as you can see, having a good amount of Jaggery in the kitchen is very essential for several reasons. What if we were to tell you that you can get all the aforementioned goodness of Jaggery, with the added benefit of organic?

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