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Sanveggies' Mahelan Health Mix

Sanveggies’ Mahelan is a well-known brand that deals with several health mixes and other products that can be used by patients suffering from diabetes and other lifestyle ailments. The health mix by Mahelan is a porridge based product that offers an excellent nutritional mix for the entire family.



This health mix is available in granule form and contains a mixture of essential vitamins and proteins. It can be used by people who are suffering from various nutrient deficiencies as well. This mix is ideal for people of all ages due to its natural properties and fibre element that suits health conscious people.


Nutritional Facts

Sanveggies’ Mahelan health mix is the perfect concoction for a healthy breakfast which combines the best nutrients so that the start of the day can be good. A few scoops can be combined with milk for a hearty breakfast. One can add chopped fruit as well for added taste.

Sanveggies' Mahelan Health Mix - 500g

SKU: CSV0001202

Brand: Mahelan

Ingredient Type: Veg

Manufacturer: Sisu Organics

Product Origin: Tamil Nadu, India.

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