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Sanveggies' Mahelan Health Plus - For Diabetes and BP

Sanveggies’ Mahelan Health Plus is a cereal based health food formulated to address the requirements of the diabetic population. It offers natural supply of soluble and insoluble fiber from processed cereals, pulses and fenugreek. Its rich supply of protein and fiber makes it apt for diabetic patients. Fenugreek is rich in dietary fiber that modulates blood glucose levels. It plays key role in its capability to moderate metabolism of glucose in digestive track. It slows the digestion and prolongs absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream thus preventing unexpected rise in blood sugar levels.


Ragi, Wheat/Wheat Oats, Fried Gram, Soya Bean & Green Gram.

Sanveggies' Mahelan Health Plus - 500g

SKU: CSV0001203

Brand: Mahelan

Ingredient Type: Veg

Manufacturer: Sisu Organics

Product Origin: Tamil Nadu, India.

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