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The Sabre's Edge: (Matthew Hervey 5) – Pages 392

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The Sabre's Edge: (Matthew Hervey 5) – Pages 392

Author Allan Mallinson


India, 1824


Matthew Hervey and the 6th Light Dragoons are stationed in India, where conflagration looks set to flair.


The usurper prince, Durjan Sal, has taken refuge in the infamous fortress of Bhurtpore.A deep ditch, which can be flooded at a moment's notice, runs round it - and as its notorious Tower of Victory - built with the skulls of defeated men - bears witness, it has withstood all attacks made on it.

Until now.Hot and dangerous work lies ahead for Matthew Hervey and his courageous troop who know their fortunes will be decided by the sabre's edge.


'Captain Matthew Hervey is as splendid a hero as ever sprang from an author's pen.' The Times


Genre: Historical Fiction


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